A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Hereby Decree....

That we shall be called by our noble titles....What noble titles you might ask? Well, we are descendants of Edward I, King of England!! Yes folks, that's right, we're royalty (at least that's what we're saying)! As is often the case, someone had to forfeit their honors (see the 13th generation for his alleged crimes), but the title was reinstated for the next generation, so we're still royal. Check it out:

King of England
m. first, -1254, Eleanor of Castile, and had by her:

Princess Joan d’Arce
d. 1307, who m. first, Gilbert de Clare, ninth Earl of Clare, seventh Earl of Hertford, and third Earl of Gloucester, d. 1295 and had:

Lady Margaret de Clare
(sister of the last Earl of Clare), widow of Piers Gavestone, m. secondly, Hugh, Baron d’Audley, created, 1337, Earl of Gloucester, d. s. p. m., 1347 and had:

Lady Margaret d’Audley
who m Sir Ralph de Stafford, K.G., second Baron Stafford, created, 1351, Earl of Stafford, d. 1372 and had:

Hugh de Stafford
second Earl of Stafford, d. 1386; m. Lady Philippa de Beauchamp, daughter of Sir Henry, third Earl of Warwick, one of the original Knights of the Garter, d. 1369, and had:

Lady Margaret de Stafford
who m. Sir Ralph, K.G., fourth Baron Neville, of Raby, Earl Marshal of England, created, 1399, Earl of Westmoreland, d. 1425, and had:

Lady Philippa Neville
who m. Thomas de Dacre, fifth Baron Dacre of Gillesland, d. 1457, and had:

The Honorable Thomas de Dacre
eldest son, d. v. p., who m. Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Bowers, Esq., and had:

Lady Joane Dacres
Baroness Dacres, who m. Sir Richard Fynes (Fienes), Baron Fienes, and, in right of his wife, summoned to Parliament as Lord Dacre; 1459-82, Constable of the Tower; Lord Chamberlain to King Edward, d. 1484, son of Sir Roger Fynes, son of William Fynes, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, 1297, son of Sir William Fynes and his wife, Lady Joan, daughter of Admiral Sir Geoffrey de Say, and had:

John Fynes
eldest son, d. v. p., father of:

Sir Thomas Fienes, K.B.
eighth Lord Dacre, d. 1534, who m. Lady Anne, daughter of Sir Humphrey Bouchier, Knt., and had:

Thomas Fienes
eldest son, d. v. p., father of:

Thomas Fienes
ninth Baron Dacre of the South, who was executed for an alleged murder in 1541, when his honors were forfeited; m. Lady Mary, daughter of George Neville, Lord Abergavenny, and had:

Lady Margaret Fienes
Baroness Dacre, d. 1611, sister of Gregory, who was restored in blood and honors as tenth Baron Dacre, d. s. p. m. Sampson Lennard, Esq., who became eleventh Baron Dacre in 1604; Member of Parliament for Sussex in 1614; son of John Lennard, of Chevening, Kent, and his wife, Elizabeth Harman, of Crayford, Kent, and had:

Sir Henry Lennard
twelfth Baron Dacre, d. 1616, who m. Lady Chrysogna, daughter of Sir Richard Baker, of Sissenghurst, Kent, and had:

Henry Lennard
younger brother of thirteenth Baron Dacre of the South, seated at Chevening, d. 1630, who m., first, Lady Anne, daughter of Sir Arthur Throckmorton, of Paulers Perry, Northamptonshire (who also m. Sir Peter Temple, as his first wife, brother to Sir John Temple, of Stanton Bury, ancestor of Robert Temple, of Ten Hills, Boston, Mass.), father of:

Thomas Leonard
of Pontilpool in Wales, younger son, brother of Francis, Lord Dacre father of the Earl of Essex, who had:

James Lennord
(or Lennard, or Leonard), brother of Francis, Lord Dacre, father of Earl of Sussex, of Taunton, Mass., in 1652, where he and his brother Henry erected the first forge in the Plymouth Colony. (See Mass. His. Col., Vol. III, p. 173). He d. ante 1691, aged about 70 years, having by his wife, Margaret, who died about 1700:

Judge Thomas Leonard
of Taunton, Mass., b. about 1641, a physician major justice of the peace, town clerk, deacon, and judge of the court of Common Pleas 1702, d. 1713; m. 1662, Mary Watson, d. 1723, aged 81, and had:

John Leonard
of Taunton, b. 1668; m. Mary, daughter of Philip King, and had:

Gamaliel Leonard
b. 1753, d. 1809, who m. Bethiah Howard, and had:

Gamaliel Leonard
b. 31 May 1757, Raynham, Mass., a soldier in the Revolutionary War being nine months at Boston on the first call and afterwards went to the defense of Ticonderoga, and d. 7 Aug 1827, Fair Haven, Ver.; who m. Anna Witherell, and had:

Charles Leonard
b. 1 Jun 1787, Fair Haven, Ver., who went out as a soldier in the War of 1812 and is said to have received a bounty of $100 for returning Andrew Race for desertion, and died 22 Sep 1854, Portage, NY; who m. Betsey Colburn, sister of John P. Colburn, Esq., and had:

John W. Leonard
b. 1814, d. 6 Dec 1855, Plymouth, IN; who m. Julia Inman, of Hampton, NY, who had:

Catherine Leonard
b. 16 Mar 1839, who m. George Welch, and had:

Eugene Ira Welch
b. 13 Sep 1840, and died 1922; who m. Beata Christine Bofinger, b. 28 Mar 1861, and d. 6 Sep 1920, daughter of Rev. Carl Christian Bofinger, pastor of the German Evangelical Church, and had:

Beata Katherine Welch
b. 16 Dec 1886 and d. June 1985, of Plymouth, IN, who m. Bernard James Dennis Burke, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and had:

Robert James Burke
b. 28 Aug 1920, Detroit, Mich., and d. 25 Aug 1979; who m., first, Bonnie Jean Bryan, and had:

Dennis James Burke, father of:

Cheree Rene Burke, mother of:

Kaycee Renee Sorensen
Reid Logan Sorensen
Burke Spencer Sorensen
Gavin Howard Sorensen
Chance Samuel Sorensen

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Day of Co-op

Today was a historic day for our new homeschool group, North Star. We had our first day of co-op. There were at least 65 people there. Not too shabby. The boys have classes such as Ancient Egypt, Geology, Art, I Love America, Theater & Chess.

Co-op is normally a lot of work for Moms. That work was exacerbated by the fact that the air conditioning was broken in the building we are renting. It was a long hot day. Still it was quite fulfilling. Isn't that the way it always is? The things most worth having are worth working hard to achieve.

Once we got home from picking up Adee and McKay from school I just laid here until Emilee came to pick up all the kids.

The good news is this is an activity we acclimate to as the semester moves along. The boys get use to packing lunch and I get use to staying up late to get classes ready.

The best part is the kids get the "socialization" some seem concerned with when you mention you homeschool. I ask you, Could anyone ever think my kids aren't socialized? Anyone who knows a Sorensen kid knows they are way too social!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back from Camp

So I survived a week at camp by myself with the boys. Another milestone. Howard and I have never been apart that long before. There was no cell coverage and I've never gone that long without talking to him. Even though Kaycee and Logan were home he missed the noise. He really doesn't like to be home alone in a quiet house. As soon as he walked through the door he said, "Family, I hear my family." He missed us. Every night I went to sleep feeling like a girl at girls camp. I wanted my phone to work so I could call my boyfriend. Lame, I know.

The place we went camping was absolutely gorgeous!! It was about 7 hours from home unless you take scenic routes. Which, of course, we did. I followed Jammi my friend with the gypsy soul. We drove through the beautiful hill country of Texas down near Kerrville. The camp is owned by the H.E. Butt Foundation. The boys found it funny we went to Butt camp. Of course they would they are boys afterall. Burke took a picture squatting over a cactus and got burrs in his bum right off the bat!!

It was hands down the most beautiful, pristine, untouched place I've ever camped. We star gazed at night at more stars than you can imagine, canoed in crystal clear water that you see fish in, jumped from a cliff into that same amazing water (some jumped some slipped not a good thing I might add), did crafts, played teather ball, tennis, jumped in a bounce house,attended a family dance and so much more!! We pulled out our fantabulous talent of ice cream eating to Space Oddyssey 2000 which totally wowed the crowd and made our first impression exactly what is should be, TOTALLY SORENSEN. Howard would have been proud. The boys are already planning next years rendition.

It was super hot and humid but all in all it was a week I will always remember. I know the boys will too. They made new friends. Burke was the "camp hottie". Not sure I am ready for him to assume that roll. The girls thought he was 15 and aloof. Once they figured out he was 12 and no threat he became their little brother and he followed girls all week. He did make friends with a 15 year old boy and they played tennis every morning.

Our new homeschool group was well represented so went went down knowing some friends and got to make so many new ones. I know we'll go back for sure next week. I also know there is no way Howard is staying home again!! I could manage but I don't think he wants to miss out on the stories. Wonder how he will handle no air conditioning in September in Texas?

The boys asked for digital cameras and an aocustic guitar on the way home. Burke said he was sad about an hour into the drive because he won't see his new friends for at least a year. That made me sad too.

Sometime I have to post about the slipping...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A 20th Anniversary Chinese Food Feast

Sunday night - the whole night was a surprise! Since my parents have been married 20 years, and not been able to celebrate yet, I decided it was time to party! I had bought the Joseph Smith, The Prophet DVD at the LDS Bookstore and I was excited to watch it. Well, I had also made a super cool slideshow on Michael's computer for my parents' annivesary present. I was sneaky and said let's watch the DVD for FHE on Sunday and invite Kati & Seth and Em & her kids. What really happened - Emilee called and had them out of the house so we could decorate with the Chinese dragon and its head! They came home and were surprised, but completely clueless as to why we had a Chinese food feast...

Chinese food? Why you might ask? Well that's because the traditional 20th anniversary gift is china. So since I know my family and our tendency to break things, I decided purchasing a set of china was probably not a very good idea. Instead, we had a homemade Chinese food feast - including egg rolls, crab rangoon, pork wontons, ham fried rice, terriyaki chicken, and even fortune cookies. Ok, the fortune cookies were store bought, but I just couldn't bring myself to make one more thing!!! The cake was made by the wonderful Kati B - and it was awesome! Very Ace of Cakes-esque. She made a giant Chinese take-out box that said C+H and had "Happiness Anniversary" in Chinese characters. I was quite impressed with her cake-makin' skills!

My parents loved the yummy food and then it was on to the movie! They were anxious and then the movie started - wait this isn't the Joseph Smith thing!!! It was the slideshow (these are just a few of the pictures). The whole family loved it and it was lots of fun to go through the past and see embarrassing photos and have a cool reminder of just how awesome my parents are! I love them so much and I'm so grateful for all that they do for our family.

My dad works hard every day and leads our family. I don't know how he works the hours that he does! He is an awesome EQP and really loves our family and the families for which he has stewardship. He seriously amazes me with all that he able to accomplish and how much I've seen him change in his calling. Talk about taking on a mantle!!! I'm so glad that he has been a wonderful Priesthood holder and set the good example for the 4 other males in my family that will have the same responsibility some day and for me as I look to who will fill those shoes in my life.

My mom is amazing! Is there really any other word to describe her? She works hard every day to take care of our family. If you ever wonder about why "mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children," watch my mom in action! She naturally loves and cares for all of us and helps us to grow in the gospel and in our lives. I've seen her really grow herself in the past 8 years or so since I graduated from high school. She not only homeschools the monkeys, but also serves in her calling as the Enrichment counselor, helps and supports her extended family, does humanitarian service, and still manages to read her scriptures! Wow! No wonder she gets so tired!!!

What can I say - I love my fam!!!

The Sorensen Krewe 2 - riding since 1988!