A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Monday, February 9, 2009

Comments Anyone??

In talking to friends and family this weekend, I realize not everyone knows that Logan get to read the comments on the blog. Each week Kaycee copies the comments into an email that Logan can read. As you can imagine he LOVES ANY word from home.

So comment away!!!

Getting mail to India can be tricky.Of course getting mail from India is crazy too. It seems to be hit or miss. We got 4 weeks worth of letters from him in one week. He is doing a fantastic job writing home each week. I am grateful Pres. Roberts gave him that counsel.This Mom loves ANY WORD from her boy. It's funny though because he often tells the boys,"Now don't tell Mom this BUT...". It's usually followed by some gross boy talk of the details of just how sick he was or he saw a rat or someone fed him rice a mouse was just eating in the corner or we were locked in the flat all day because some Muslims bombed a Hindu temple around the corner. Stuff like that.

The thing about all the don't tell Moms is I appreciate his protecting me. It's sweet, afterall. But the more I read about his experiences, how much he LOVES India, how much he LOVES missionary work and can sense through the Spirit how much his testimony is growing the more I don't mind the don't tell Mom events. My testimony of him being exactly where he needs to be in strengthened every week. Don't get me wrong. I still miss him more than words can express. It's just a wonderful tender mercy of the Lord that I fully recognize he's in the Lord's hands even with all the "don't tell moms".

As a side note, I thought you might like to hear about our very normal weekend:

The boys cleaned the church Saturday morning with Howard. Then they had a Primary activity.

We got to attend Bryce's baptism. That was a sweet memory to watch him walk to the font and realize he may not have red hair but he walks just like his Dad. Faren's talk was sweet and personal. I liked it. It made me look forward to grandchildren.

Brayden gave me lots of hugs. I love that redheaded boy. He's funny.

I got to visit with Christy and hold Parker. He too is an excellent snuggler. I LOVE his fat rolls but boy is he solid. Reid & Jewel were here too.Our visit wasn't long enough with either.

KC and Chance ran to Chloe's baptism where KC played the piano.The rest of us missed it. We were still at Bryce's.

Adee sat on my lap in Sacrament meeting. She was burning up with fever so Kaycee came and took her home. McKay gave Howard & I a really cute smile.

I bumbled the piano accompaniment at the baptism and in Primary (like I said a normal weekend).

Howard and I had church meetings Sunday. Burke and Gavin were goofing off in Sacrament meeting.

I went coupon shopping and got FREE food. Gotta love FREE food.

Howard took me to buy DMC floss at Hobby Lobby. (There's actually NOTHING normal about that. He HATES craft stores) But he was REALLY cute standing in the aisle holding all my floss and standing in line. Gotta LOVE a man that tolerates my hobbies!!! Oh and he went to the grocery store with me. Double score. He should get an extra kiss for that!!

I studied for a Seminary lesson.

Howard, Kaycee,Burke & Gavin went to see Taken with Bryan and Adam. Burke and Gavin sure LOVE spending time with Bryan and Adam especially when Bryan drives.They sort of follow them around like puppies. Which is great in my opinion. I appreciate every good example they have in their lives. Plus they really miss Logan. I think their time with B&A helps.

We got to visit with Cindy & Faren last night. Poor Cindy is in 2 boots, a broken ankle and foot. That stinks.

We ate on the run and didn't see KC at all on Sunday.

Just a normal weekend or running here and there filled with family, church and life.Notice there wasn't any mention of house work. Now you know what's on tap for today, Monday.


Handsome Rob said...

Your normal weekends are much more involved than ours. lol. But its always fun to read your blogs. Tell Logan we say hello, we're very proud of him, and grateful for his example in serving with all his heart. :o)

suely said...

Hey Logan, this is the Sanders.
We received your card and we love it!
Thank you for taking the time to write us back.
I loved the picture and the fact that it is painted on real leaf from a skeleton tree. Cool.
I am going to frame it.
We are very happy that you are loving your mission and the key to that is that you are loving the people.
It is so wonderful to see that anywhere you go in the world, that Father's children are special and are seeking to feel loved and taught about Him.
It is normal for missionairies to loose up to 50 pounds in the first 6 months of their mission specially if it is a place like India, where the food and habits are so different.
So, don't worry.
I enjoy checking the blog and now that I know you get these comments, I will be writing once in a while if you don't mind.
Well, thanks again and take care.
The Sanders