A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on the Boys Health

Sorry it's taken so long to update everyone on Logan's health. It's hard to get a real grasp on how he is doing when we only get a few lines of email once a week. It's even more difficult when you consider he's still a 19 year boy.

So this is what we know. To quote him, "American missionaries deal with doors being slammed in their faces everyday. Indian missionaries deal with being sick their whole missions. No biggie." True Logan. Gotta love him. He probably will be sick his whole mission and beyond. But he is doing better. He says he's no longer worried about having to leave India. The mission president spoke with him last week. Neither he nor Logan seem to think he'll be coming home early at this point. This is excellent news.

We of course know this is because of the continuous prayers of friends and family that love him. I received an email from a Senior couple serving in his area. I have reread it several times. It's wonderful to hear even a few words from someone confirming what I have felt in my heart. I thought I'd share them with you all as they give a sense of how he is doing. (the reference to funds is because his bank was bought out, even in India he's affected by the banking crisis)

Dear Sister Sorensen,

We are Elder and Sister Nielsen serving in Vishakhapatnam where your great son, Elder Sorensen, also serves. He called us this morning asking us to help with a problem he is experiencing getting funds. He asked us to write and ask you for the 10-digit number. He cannot get it here.....he needs to get it from the USA.

Elder Sorensen tells us that he is feeling much better as of late. He attributes his improved health to his medication and to the fasting and prayers from family and friends back home. He is a great Elder to work with. He is doing a wonderful job as a missionary. He is always upbeat and good to be around. When he does English class he has the students in the palm of his hand and they learn so much. You can be proud of him! We are too.

Elder and Sister Nielsen

Logan has been put on a regement of different medications and been given some strict dietary restrictions which include no dairy (it's killing him), no spicy food ( he says that's impossible in India so he tells the members he has holes in his stomach so he can't eat their food ) and not to drink any unfiltered water (which he says is impossible because it's at least 107 degrees with 100 percent humidity at ALL times). Howard says his diagnosis will include life long flare ups but he will figure out how to manage it.

Words can not express how grateful our family is for each word of prayer and the fasting that occurs on his behalf. Howard & I have felt that power as it has brought us much peace about his welfare and as these fine missionaries confirm he's still plugging along. He still has 14 months to complete his mission. So keep praying and if it is the Lord's will, Logan will keep serving.

Love to all,


Erica said...

I'm so glad he's feeling a bit better and things are on the upswing. Love you guys!!

April Hardy said...

wow! we will keep praying for him.

kati b said...

Yeah for an update on this. We've prayed for him continually and wondered how he is doing. Thank you for letting us know he's (semi) okay and still himself over there! We love you guys!

amee said...

Thank you Cheree for the update. I am so happy that Logan is doing a little better. You and Howard have raised such an outstanding young man with such a positive outlook on life. Especially right now in his life. He remains in high spirits even thru all this sickness he is going thru. You can just tell his dedication in serving the Lord and teaching the gospel to those who are ready to hear it. Logan has already touched so many lives there. And here. He is truly an example to ALL of us.
That was so nice of Brother and Sister Nielsen to take the time and write that letter. It's kind of comforting to know that Logan can turn to them for a little help. And also comforting to 'hear' them say that he is doing better with his health and how everyone loves him - even in English classes. ;)
ELDER SORENSEN: Keep up the fantastic work. You truly are AWESOME! Love you lots. And you are definitely in my prayers.