A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Friday, August 29, 2008

Letter from the Pres.

So all the buzz today in the news is McCain's V.P. choice. Good choice, by the way. Howard says they got his vote, "Cuz she's hot!". But our news is about a President of another sort. President Nichols, Logan's mission president sent a letter and some information on shipping packages.

President Nichols said he & his wife already love Logan. Having served in the church I can completely understand how that is true. The Lord does bless us with love for those we serve. Some things I found interesting about his mission are, there are 40-50 baptisms a month, Logan can expect to teach 15-20 lessons a week, all his transfers will be by plane, he really needs a flashlight because they loose power frequently, he will not have a dryer for clothes, and the gospel is on the cusp of big growth. His area will include Sri Lanka and he will have no problem keeping busy with work to do.

Oh and they have a problem with RATS!!This is not something a mother should read over 6 times in the information on sending packages.I can't even let my kids have a gerbil because of the tail. There's something about the scurrying combined with a tail. Thus, we have a guinea pig, Gi Gi (Gavin's Guinea). So I have decided to be in denial. There are no rats in India. Everyone should help with my said denial. That way Logan will be allowed to leave for India. Wink. Wink.

He can have 6 packages a year that weigh no more 5 pounds delivered to the mission office. He can have others delivered to his apartment once we have that address. There is a huge problem with theft, insects and those unmentionable rodents.

Logan got his last shot yesterday. Howard gave it to him. The needle was quite large. The Mission Travel Department said we were fortunate to find the Japanese Encephalytis vaccine. Many missionaries are entering the mission without it. Go Kaycee!! That long drive everyday paid off!!

The other big news is the visa application(3 copies with 2 photos each), 3 copies of his passport, the actual passport, and 3 copies of an ecclesiastical resume are in the mail!! Yeah!! That stress is behind us. The resume was an eye opening walk down memory lane. It included his scouts, church & community service. It's neat to realize all the opportunites our kids have in the church.

So rember there are NO rats in India!! Now we'll move onto the 20 passport photos he needs to take with him(new from today) and the shopping. That should be a joy.

I'm taking the younger boys to a homeschool camp next week down near Austin so I probably won't post. We should come back with lots of interesting stories to tell. Me with the boys for 5 days in the great outdoors. Doesn't that sound like a hysterical tale in the making?Hope there are no rats there either.


amee said...

I don't believe in those .... I can't even say it .... ugly little things either! :) Sounds like ya'll are keeping busy! I'm so excited for Logan! Love you! :)

Christy said...

I didn't even know you blogged...just found it today. But that's crazy about everything the President said in his letter. We're so excited for Logan and can't wait to hear all about it.