A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Friday, December 12, 2008

The fourth week....

Sorry, I didn't keep my promise...Tut, parties, Bethlehem, and a fast drop in temperature have kept my attention else where...

Here's the update from Elder Sorensen on his fourth week in Hyderabad. This was a rough week for him, or so it seems. I think the newness and excitement are wearing off. He could really use some mail if you have the time. He has only received one regular letter from home. Logan gave us his Flat address, but he might be transferred, so we'll wait to give that to y'all until we know for sure. If you'd like to send him something, you can always use the Mission Address (which is probably the safest anyway).


Elder T and Elder S met Anoj on Tuesday and set him for baptism on Thursday. He didn't make it to church Sunday though, so the baptism will have to one week later. Rajini is the only investigator that made it to church this week, so the other 5 possible baptisms aren't going to happen before Christmas/transfers. Apparently, they need to come to church for 3 weeks before baptism.

India news...

We asked Elder Sorensen what he knew about Mumbai and how that affected them. He was aware of the death toll, but mentioned that the Indian news reported different numbers than the international stations. He also reported that they probably won't be able to go to the Mariott for Christmas (like Thanksgiving) because there are still terrorists "at large" and the India AirForce is on high alert.

There was a shooting in his area last week that happened right after he and his companion had left. He didn't provide any more information than that.


Last week I asked Logan to start looking for a Nativity for Mom. She loves these things and one of her dreams is to have each of the boys bring a Nativity scene back from where they serve their missions. Logan has been looking and he's come across a couple, but he asked an interesting question...

Do you want one that portrays everyone in a sad way - like everything related to Christ is here - or, do you want a regular happy one?

Do you like the sad one? It's sad that Christ is depicted as a sad thing in India. I will trust you to pick it out. How will you ship it so it doesn't get stolen and makes it in one piece? Maybe you should bring one when you come home.

Well how soon do you want one? It actually makes me kind of angry, 'cause everyone here displays their religion with pride. The Hindus have their gods all over their doors and windows and things like that. The Christians all have their crosses and pics of Jesus up everywhere too. When I see the sad ones it angers me, but I am getting used to it. Like Sister Dew said, I am becoming accepting of it.

But Pres. Hinckley said that we tolerate all religions. He said to bring what you have and see if we can't add more to it. I think for the people there, their religion is centuries old. It's the traditions of their fathers. It's like the Lamanites they just don't know any better. You can help them to know Christ by the way you treat them. Be loving and kind. Remember they are each a child of God and all are born with the light of Christ. I can understand though how it would get to you when you have this amazing message that can change their lives but they aren't ready to hear it yet. The key word is yet. Remember too that by their fruits ye shall know them. The fruits of the gospel are new to India. The people in your branch are truly pioneers.

Ya I think of those things all the time. Some people here are really amazing. We are looking mostly for Hindus because they are most likely to become LDS. Christians think it's a sin to be baptized twice. lol. junk fellows.

Junk fellows?

Junk fellow is like calling someone a bum. It means you don't like them but it's not enough to get you jumped.

Logan sometimes forgets to install his "Mom filter" before emailing.

Do missionaries get jumped there?

It's nothing to worry about...so Elder Evans, his area has a lot of BJP people and we were totally safe. Some people tried to punk us but I shared a message with them and they left us alone. Pretty cool.

What are BJP people?

The BJP is just a group here.

A group of what kind of people?

Christian haters.


Elder T and Elder S finally moved into their new flat, closer to their area, in Scientist Colony, Habsiguda, Hyderabad. It took some time to get them in because they had to get some things taken care of...

The EQP has said so many times that he will send someone to fix the washer and geezer, so we spent a lot of time waiting for that, and when they are there they go super slow.

What is a geezer?

A geezer is a water heater that heats for about 5 minutes. It's horrible. I have had so many showers that make me lose weight from all the shivering.


What was your favorite food this week?

Someone made us this AMAZING sweet (dessert). It was some form of noodles - fried, then put into warm milk, which always contains...SUGAR!! So it was amazing. It was so good because the food was so spicy. lol. Nah, not really. I didn't even break a sweat.

Didn't want to die from hot food this week?

No...but Kennedy's family is from Chennai and they serve the HOTTEST food. We eat there this week...I am hoping I don't die. I've eaten a lot of mutton this week. Mutton is rubbery and not too good. We ate a ton of Doll and Buffalo from Kennedy. He's really awesome.

What kind of buffalo? Do you like dahl? I wanted to try and make some before you left.

The dahl was way good. Everything here has tons of tomatoes and peppers in it, so I "like" them now. We had water buffalo. Water buffaloes are plenty here and we drink that milk too, cause no one milks cows. Tomatoes are on the bottom of my list. I can tolerate them. Maybe I will like them before I leave. T can eat onions and tomatoes raw now. I will be able to do that too. We eat them in everything!!!

I am so proud of you for completely stepping out of your comfort zone and preferred taste zone too. I know the Lord will bless you your whole life through for serving and loving the people of India.

I'm seeing it already. I wouldn't like these things back home but here I do. That's just one small blessing.

Losing weight...

The water is keeping me a little sick. Monday T and I were fighting back the urge to upchunk. I felt better around 2...it took him till 5, but we are better now.

Have you lost anymore weight?

YA!! I lost another 2 kg - that's about 5 lbs - so I'm around 220 now. Everyone says I'm looking way different. I'm down 3 things on my belt since the MTC. My waist looks smaller.

Hey - tomatoes will do that for you or maybe it's the parasites...

I will put some back on later in life. We have to take this pill the size of my fist every six months to clean out our system for parasites.

Logan told us a little bit more about some of the people he often mentions from their Branch.

Is Rajini Hindu? What was Kennedy?

Rajini was Hindu, Christian now. Kennedy was Roman Catholic, so is the rest of his family still. We started teaching Kennedy's family and his mom is so ready for baptism. We just need to set her.

What is Kennedy's calling? How did he join the church? Do the members feed you often?

Kennedy is the Young Men's 2nd counselor...something like that and I don't know how he joined. His lil bro is in the Bangalore mission. He's in KGF. I already love the people here. I love how they feed us SO much. Some members really help, and some just say stupid stuff that actually hurts the investigator's testimony.

Funny Story of the week....
(more of Logan forgetting the Mom filter)
Gavin wants to know if your building has a baptismal font?

Tell Gav that everything about this building is better, the only reason it's not better is because the Indians treat it differently. You'll see what I mean. It's really nice but they don't treat it the best.

That's the exact opposite of what I thought they would be like in regards to the building. I thought they would really treasure it. Does it have regular potties?

Yeah - regular potties and sprayers. It's nice. They like the building but they just don't understand the respect it deserves. If a General Authority saw that in America some people would feel the wrath of God.

What are sprayers? (why did she even ask....)

For your booty when your done with your business...you spray and then clean with the left hand.

YUCK!! What about toilet paper? Do you have to use your left hand? Can i send you toilet paper?

Most stores here have TP. I always use it. I haven't used the hand yet. I'm waiting for the absolute last moment before I do. lol. I still don’t understand...because I think all your clothes would get wet, right? Instead of drippage in the front you'd have drippage in the back. No fun!!

Wow what an amazing experience you are having. Does it seem real yet?

Sometimes I forget I'm in India.

Letters from home...
Have u gotten any snail mail yet?

Nope no snail mail. Have you gotten any?

I've sent you so much snail mail. I figured you had to have it by now.
And, lol!!!! Yes!! I got my first after we emailed last week. I sent you a snail mail about it, but I'll tell you now...Skittles. She spent the majority of the letter telling me "It might make a good story, but don't get thrown in jail."

When do you write your snail mail?

Wednesdays. I am sending pics and videos soon. I miss my music and movies. How is that coming?

It's coming I suppose, maybe for Christmas.

Well how long? Because we can file a report if they "lost" it. T said his mom complained once and they haven't lost any more of his packages.

We are just trying to get your Christmas in the mail. I know Kaycee and Daddy have mailed letters as well as the Finneys.

I know and I love that. Tell everyone I said thank you. I am trying to get y'alls to you too. I found these really cool cards.

Did you get their letters then?

No. I only got the one from Skittles.

Have you read the Liahona?

I will certainly try to find one. Is it the Nov. or the Dec. issue? Where do you get a copy?

Oh man, you need to steal one or something. It was the best thing I have ever read. There were so many that reminded me of Christmas in N.O. There was one about "I Stand All Amazed" by Elder Holland - he's a G - and it made me cry so much during the middle of Sunday School. lol. Pres. Monson's was really good. And Elder Neil A. Maxwell wrote a really good one about "Consecrating Thy Performance". Check them out!

Short little explanation - the Liahona is one of the magazines published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in addition to the Ensign (for adults), New Era (for youth), and Friend (for children). The church magazines include articles by General Authorities, including latter-day prophets, and other materials that help to build faith. The Liahona is the international magazine and it is published in many languages. It often includes the same articles as the Ensign, New Era, and Friend, but also has original articles and local news included. You can order your own subscription for any of the magazines or read the articles online. Here are the links for the articles that Logan mentioned:


How goes the monkey trapping? Does the new flat have interesting animal life?

The only animals around the new flat are Pigeons. I hate pigeons!!!!! I'm so bummed.

You like dirty little monkeys though. lol. Hey remember the pigeons in D.C.? They were fun. You do seemed bummed. Don't be bummed.

lol. I loved those pigeons, but these are just different. No love. Today I got to watch two monkeys. I love monkeys and that lifted my spirits so much. I couldn’t even describe it. I want an elephant. I have seen people with elephantiasis and leprosy. I never knew but I have seen so many. Interesting huh?

Do you stare? Leprosy huh? Are you given instructions on how not to get leprosy? O.K. Mowgli. Do you want a Baloo and a Bagera too? Maybe some vultures to be your friends. Elephants good. Elephantiasis bad!!

I don't know how to get leprosy, therefore I don't know how not to get it. I have wondered about it tho. And I would love Baloo and Bagera.

Tell everyone I love them. I miss you.

Hugs and kisses from India.
Elder Logan Sorensen

running "lol" count = 184


Chris said...

It is great to read the chat with Logan(Elder Sorensen)every week. Keep them coming;I look forward to it every week. We all just sent him letters last week for fhe. Hopefully he will get them soon. The kids always ask how he is doing? I wish I could send him a case of bottled water from Jason's Deli and a beefeater. I thought he could get milk from cows and not water buffalos. I was under the impression that Hindus drink the milk from cows and don't eat them. Tell Logan we are way proud and love him. He is awesome and a great example to the kids, they really look up to him and want to go to India for a visit!

Momma_S said...

Thanks Kaycee for the awesome job you are doing on the blog. I get the fun part of "talking" to Logan each week and then you step in to make it all readable. Logan did say he likes to read the comments. I think he called it his "hollers"

Tanya and Chris said...

Hey I want to give Logan a "Holler"! We have been writing Logan a few letters but clearly need to be more diligent. Abby is learning about friendly letters in school and has chosen to write to Logan a couple of times. I still have yet to send one of them, but I will. We love Elder Sorensen and Monkeys!