A fun picture for the week...

A fun picture for the week...
A Satellite View of Elder Sorensen's Trailer in the Church Parking Lot in Many Farms, AZ

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The sixth week

Well I got my first transfer call this week...I'm going all the way to Hyderabad 1st branch. I will literally be living 20 minutes away from where I live now. lol.

I went on exchanges with Elder Sookhoo,the Zone Leader, Monday. We found a pretty sweet family - these 2 brothers who live together. Their parents are dead and they are both doing odd jobs. Elder Sookhoo and I taught the first lesson and they came with us to FHE and brought friends. We taught them again last night and they want to become members. They are coming to the Christmas Broadcast tomorrow, and they and the friends are coming to church on Sunday. So I picked a pretty good time to get transfered! lol. Other than that nothing new.

We had a Christmas party yesterday and I got a Cricket Jersey, Indian style. lol. Someone I don't like convinced someone to steal my companion's gift and sealed it, so I then stole his gift from him. He was angry and I really liked the gift so it was a double win.

Today I am wearing jeans!!! a first outside the flat. we are going to Snow World for P-day. i'm pretty excited about wearing jeans. lol. We have about 7 appointments for Christmas meals. Hopefully I will be able to walk by the 7th. Hopefully some pics will be coming soon. I miss everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I pray for everyone back home often. Keep safe.

Elder Sorensen


While it will be tough to leave the 2nd Branch, Logan is excited to transfer to the 1st Branch for all of the baptisms and teaching they have lined up.

My companion - I call him Elder "Dwight" Mehan. He's a district leader and I will be having 9 baptisms in the coming weeks and 12 investigators at Sacrament. It's pretty intense. The other branch has a ton of baptisms because the members - and they kinda work harder...or so they say. lol. I'm pretty excited. Maybe I can sweet talk one of them into letting me do the baptism.

Losing Weight
Logan decided to stop weighing himself all the time. He did say that the best thing about being a missionary was losing weight though. Why? He never explained. He said that he would probably continue to lose weight.

When I was losing weight it was because I didn't eat breakfast or lunch - and usually not dinner. So now and then I will eat some lunch, like p-days - or days I can't take it - but I am sitting around 220. I will check later this week the weight. I drink a lot - and I usually will grab a cheap bag of chips when we go back to the flat. I am making my budget stretch and I usually am not hungry.

Visiting the Farm
So the pictures of the water buffalo are from a farm they visited in their area. They went to visit a part member family and they live about 2 hours outside Hyderabad.

I don't remember all their names - but they said that we must hurry and leave the farm because the lions are coming.

Apparently, they had kimodo dragons and lions in the area, but we weren't able to clear that up completely.

We were on the farm Saturday or Friday. I can't remember - but they were there when we had to leave because that was around the time lions come. I didn't see any lions unfortunatly. I was scared just hearing about them. lol.

He also snapped the picture of the hen with her 15 chicks there.

That chicken might taste good with some rice - except those babies wouldn't have a momma.

For that cause I refrained from eating them. lol. The little ones were cute.

Letters from Home
Logan commented on how he had finally received a letter from home last week after email. He was excited to finally get something, as were we! It takes about a month for letters...so don't be discouraged if you have written but haven't received anything yet.

In the delay though, Logan was a little concerned about Mimi. While he was in the MTC, I wrote him a letter and told him Mimi had been in the hospital. He wrote back and asked if she was really ok because he had heard...Missionary Urban Myth...about how this missionary got home and found out his dad and brother had died in a house fire 8 months ago. I wrote him back right away to tell him she was home and doing alright, but he still hadn't received it.

How's Mimi? I think she is dead?

Kaycee wrote you a letter about Mimi. She is not dead. I promise. Although, Emilee did shoot her in the face with a Nerf dart last night. Not good. We had cupcakes with her yesterday for McKay's birthday.

Ok I believe you. Why would Emilee shoot her? lol. Kinda funny but kinda not. lol. That's good. I just figured she was since no one was answering any questions I had about her.

She was just playing with Mack's gun. We got him some new darts.

That's cool.

As you can see in the pics above, Logan was able to catch a couple pictures of the monkeys near the old flat. He finally sent them this week. Personally, I don't think they look like monkeys as much as Gremlins. Ugh!

I wish I could send you the video. There was a huge one, the size of Chance, walking right in front of us. I got afraid. lol.

Funny Story of the Week
I havent seen white people. I only met one. Tell Uncle Chris that I have taken a picture with every white person I have seen in India, besides missionaries, and I have sent them home. I met a white guy from Dallas last week. He was only there for a short while. He left before I could get a snap. I get a TON of stares!! lol.

If you don't understand this....then you're not alone. Mom was a bit confused too. He was just saying that he sent home pictures of all of the white people he's seen. We haven't received any pictures...therefore, he hasn't seen any! Apparently, he was trying to be clever. Clever doesn't work out so well with exhausted Mom at 1 a.m.

running "lol" count = 272


The Canciennes said...

Is that all you have to do to lose weight? Live in India for a few weeks. I've been doing it all wrong! Is he not getting fed very well out there or is it all the excersise he's getting?

amee said...

Logan's getting too skinny!!! I hope he eats all 7 meals! =)
Love you guys!

Momma_S said...

I know! It's actually a combination of the lack of food, type of food, sickness from the food/water and LOTS of walking. He's feeling good now and adjusting to the food. He told Gavin in a letter that he eats a small bowl of cornflakes for breakfast with water buffalo milk and a bowl of rice with tomatoes for lunch. They don't eat dinner. That could also explain his weight lost.